C & S Dance Nights

About C&S Dance Nights

We are an independent freestyle social event companyWkeep in touch with the latest evolving dance trends and the latest music being playedOur aim is to ensure that we continue to offer a perfect balance of music for you to dance Modern Jive for an enjoyable dance experience. We always have the dancer’s expectations in mind and take on board any suggestions.

My wife and I have been dancing Modern Jive for over 11 years and have attended many freestyle events across the country. We love to dance and to meet up with old friends and new.

We offer freestyle dance events for dance enthusiasts or anyone that just loves to dance modern jive.  A place where you can dance together, catch up with old friends as well as make new friendships through dance.

Our Mission

We aim to offer dancers an amazing dance experience full of fun rhythm and movement at a great venue.  So why not come and join us for night of dance.

The Venue

Situated in the main square in Evesham, the ‘Outside Inn & Courtyard’ offers a stylish refurbished function room with its own private bar and is fully air conditioned with a lovely wooden dance floor. Having been given the freedom of the entire pub when available, you will also have the option to simply relax and take a break in the beautifully furnished main bar area or if you wish more dancing away from the main function room.

This truly is an exciting and vibrant great venue for dancing and socialising.  A place that offers dancers a warm and welcoming environment where you can enjoy a great night out.

The Music

The Music

We play a varied balance of music genre chosen specifically for Modern Jive style dancing. We play the blues, underground dance, relaxing chill out music, the syncopated rhythms of jazz latin, rock ‘n’ roll and others.  Also tunes with a flavour of tango vibes as well as the latest popular fast and slow tempos pop music. The music played is a combination of new & old songs.

We keep in touch with the latest music being played as well as take on board any dancer’s personal song requests.  

We play music for those dancers who love to express a touch of romance and passion in there synchronized movements.   

About Modern Jive

Modern Jive style dancing adapts moves from other dance styles such as tango, salsa, latin, swing, ballroom, rock ‘n’ roll and others.

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