Modern Jive Freestyle Dance Nights

What We Do

We host Modern Jive, Modern Blues & Chillout freestyle dance nights. Our freestyle events are for anyone who enjoys this style of partner dancing to a combination of new & old songs. Modern Jive adapts moves from other dance styles such as tango, salsa, latin, swing, ballroom, rock ‘n’ roll and others. Mobile DJ service also available for our dancers holding private events. We work in collaboration with other similar dance style event organisers. Join us at our venues for a great night of dancing & socialising. 

C and S Dance

Enjoy a lovely evening of dance, a great way to have fun and escape the stress of everyday life. Join us at one of our truly exciting and vibrant great venues for dancing and socialising.

Come along to an event that plays either Modern Jive upbeat tunes that we know you love to dance to or an event that plays either Modern blues or Chillout tracks with many different tempos & rhythms, tunes that will enable you to express all your favourite moves.  

Come and join us for a dance experience where everybody dances with everyone at a place where you can lose yourself to dance.  Join us and dance to a great mix of happy and soulful slow and fast tempo tunes.

Put on your dancing shoes and come along either on your own with a friend/partner or as a group and join us for a night of dance and making new friends.


C and S dance night


Dance modern jive the dance style that adapts moves from other dance styles such as Tango, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Rock ‘n’ Roll to a music mix of both new and …


We hold modern blues events also Modern Jive smooth chillout events.  Great music for expressive dancing. Music for a variety of dance styles for those dancers who love to express ….

Private Event Bookings

For Our Dancers

Thinking of planning a special occasion, we’ll let us help you make it a fabulous event. We can offer you our mobile DJ hire service where we can play a range of music for the type of special event you are holding. Music genre available, Modern Jive, Smooth Chillout or Modern Blues including traditional party dance music for the other guest & family members.

We are more than happy to advice you on how to create a fun and enjoyable event for you and your guest.

Private DJ bookings either at a venue organised by yourself  or a private residence.

c and s dance special events
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